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Is a vasectomy right for you? – Ogden Clinic provided source, Standard-Examiner 3/27/2015

OGDEN – You’re finished having children. Is a vasectomy right for you?

Dr. Laura M. Foot, a urologist at Tanner Clinic, said when it comes to permanent sterilization, knowing all of your options as well as the risks and benefits is crucial.

“Vasectomies are one method of permanent sterilization that is equally effective in preventing pregnancy compared to tubal ligation,” Foot said. “It requires less time off work, local rather than general anesthesia and is one of the most cost-effective of all methods of contraception, with a cost about one-fourth of a tubal ligation.”

Dr. Rob Wayment, a urologist at Ogden Clinic, said a vasectomy is a great option for couples seeking long-term family planning birth control. Although it is potentially reversible, it is meant to be permanent.

“Which can be considered a pro if you are sure and a con if you feel you may change your mind in the future,” he said.

For the majority of men, the procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes in the doctor’s office, said both physicians. An oral sedation and local anesthetic are usually administered as well.

“Most patients take a couple of days to recover and get back to work and activities quickly,” Foot said. “One important consideration with a vasectomy is that you are not sterile immediately after and other birth control measures should be used.”

Foot said sterilization usually takes between eight and 16 weeks after the procedure.

Wayment said the procedure is generally safe, although in rare cases, as with any other procedure, it can be associated with infection and chronic pain.

“If you have questions you should come in for a consultation or just ask around,” Wayment said. “You’ll be surprised how many men you know have had it done.”