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McKay-Dee Hospital - Laborist Program

Ogden Clinic – Laborist Program at McKay Dee Hospital

Ogden Clinic’s McKay Dee Laborist department is honored to help mothers bring new life into the world. We understand the magic of a baby’s first few breaths, the tears in a mother’s eyes as she holds her child for the first time, and the joy of all the memories to come. We also provide mothers with every medical resource during labor, from high-risk emergency specialists to compassionate nursing care. With a physician staff on site at the hospital for 24 hours a day, we are committed to the most effective baby delivery protocols.

Your OB/GYN specialist is available to you from the beginning of your pregnancy to help you nurture your child’s development every step of the way. We form a maternity team around you and your baby’s health, and dedicate our OB GYN services in Ogden to a healthy pregnancy.

Ogden Clinic laborist physicians deliver babies at both the McKay Dee Hospital as well as Ogden Regional Medical Center. Collectively, our OB/GYNs have helped each mother receive the individualized care necessary her unique pregnancy. We’re proud to help women with infertility issues conceive a child and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Ogden Clinic experts enjoy assisting women with labor techniques and treating women with high-risk pregnancies—giving each mother the support and attention she needs during labor.

Ogden Clinic’s Laborist department at McKay Dee Hospital works with nearly every insurance plan and can assist with all pregnancy conditions. Our team of specialists has the expertise and tools to help mothers deliver strong and beautiful babies.



McKay-Dee Hospital - Laborist Program

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