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Procedure - Canalith Treatment

Balance problems and dizziness are symptoms experienced by people with vertigo, specifically benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Patients with this condition often have short but intense bursts of dizziness when they move their head. This problem stems from an imbalance in tiny particles in the ear called otoconia.

The canalith repositioning procedure is used by your Ogden Clinic audiologist to move these particles back to their proper location. This procedure is known to help relieve vertigo and dizziness symptoms by up to 80% after only one to two treatments. Although the canalith repositioning treatment has high success rates, the problem can reoccur.

When you see your Ogden Clinic audiologist for your canalith repositioning treatment, you will likely experience the following during your procedure:

  • Step 1: In step one, you will start in a seated position, then move to a reclined position with your head turned to a 45 degree angle, towards the side that is affected.
  • Step 2: : Next, your Ogden Clinic audiologist will extend your head over the edge of the table, with it still bent at a minor angle.
  • Step 3: : While your head is still extended over the table, your audiologist will ask you to slowly move your head away from the affected side by 90 degrees.
  • Step 4: : After that, you will roll onto your side, with your head slightly angled as you look at the floor.
  • Step 5: : To conclude, your audiologist will prompt you to return to a seated position with your head tilted down and centered.

Once your canalith repositioning treatment has ended, you will want to keep your treated ear above shoulder level for the rest of the day. This means no laying down flat until you go to bed that night. When you do go to sleep, remember to sleep with a few pillows in order to keep the treated ear at an incline. Your Ogden Clinic audiologist may give you exercises to perform on your own, to help prevent recurring symptoms.

If you are ready to get rid of your dizziness and vertigo symptoms, contact Ogden Clinic for canalith repositioning treatment. One of our audiologists would be happy to explain how this procedure can relieve your symptoms and get you back to leading a normal routine in Utah.

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