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Procedure - EMG

If you are experiencing numbness, tingling, weakness, or cramping in your muscles, come to Ogden Clinic for an EMG test in Utah. An EMG test, or electromyography, measures the health of nerves, muscles, and motor neurons that participate in movement and sensation of the body. The EMG test measures the electrical activity given off nerves and muscles in order to diagnosis different kinds of muscle disorders, including:

  • Conditions that affect the nerve root (ex. a herniated disk in the spine)
  • Conditions that affect the spinal cord (ex. Polio, ALS)
  • Conditions that affect nerves (ex. carpal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy)
  • Diseases that affect the connection between muscles and nerves (ex. myasthenia gravis)
  • Various muscle disorders

Before having an EMG test at Ogden Clinic, it is important to let your neurologist know if you have a pacemaker or other type of electrical medical device, are a hemophiliac, or are using blood-thinning medications of any kind.

How It Works

Depending on the location and severity of your symptoms, your Ogden Clinic neurologist will use electrode patches +/- needles to test for electrical activity in the muscles. The electrode patches may send currents through your skin that will cause you to spasm or twinge, but it is generally not painful. The electrode needles may cause some discomfort at the injection site, so let the neurologist know if you need to take a break during the EMG test. Throughout the test, your doctor will ask you to contract and rest your muscles at different times. This will help them analyze whether the activity happens while the muscles are at rest.

After the conclusion of your EMG test, you may notice some slight bruising at the needle injection sights, but these should fade within a few days. If the bruises do not fade, let your doctor know immediately.

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