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Procedure - Endometrial Biopsy

If your Ogden Clinic gynecologist suspects that there may be a problem with your uterus or endometrial lining, he or she will perform an endometrial biopsy in Utah. Endometrial biopsies are most commonly used to detect uterine bleeding, cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, or to diagnose why a woman is having a hard time getting pregnant. This procedure can be done right in the doctor’s office and does not generally require anesthesia.

During an endometrial biopsy, your gynecologist will retrieve a sample of tissue from the lining of your uterus (endometrium) through one of three kinds of procedures.

1. Pipette: For this type of endometrial biopsy, your doctor will use a straw-shaped device known as a pipette to suction a small sample of the uterus’ lining. While this is a quick procedure, it can cause cramping.

2. Vabra aspiration: Another type of suction process, a vabra aspiration uses an electronic device to remove a sample of the endometrium. This procedure can be uncomfortable.

3. Jet irrigation: For this kind of endometrial biopsy, some liquid is sprayed into the uterus to wash off some of the tissue to use as a sample. Depending on how much tissue comes off, your gynecologist may also use a brush to remove some more of the endometrium, to have a big enough sample to biopsy.

Before having an endometrial biopsy at Ogden Clinic, your doctor will ask you to prepare by doing a pregnancy test (endometrial biopsy procedures are not performed during pregnancy). You will also want to notify your doctor if you:

  • Take any kind of medication (prescription or over-the-counter)
  • Are allergic to any kind of medication
  • Have a history of heart or lung issues
  • Use blood thinners or have bleeding problems like Hemophilia
  • Have had/been treated for a pelvic, cervical, or vaginal infection

You will also want to refrain from using tampons or vaginal medications for at least 24 hours before your endometrial biopsy. You can also take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen half an hour to an hour before the procedure to ease cramping or pain.

Have you been experiencing unusual uterine bleeding? Perhaps you have been unable to get pregnant? Contact one of the gynecologists at Ogden Clinic to make an appointment for an endometrial biopsy procedure in Utah.