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Procedure - Laproscopic Hernia Repairs

Hernias occur when the inside layers of the abdominal wall tear or bulge. Once this happens the inner lining of the abdomen will push through the damaged area and form a balloon-like sac. This can then result in extreme pain, especially if any part of the intestine or abdominal tissue slip into the sac. To treat hernias, Ogden Clinic surgeons use laparoscopic hernia repairs.

Hernias occur in both men and women, and at any age. A hernia will occur when there is a natural weakness (genetic trait) in the abdominal wall or from strenuous pressure put on it. Some common causes include:

  • Gaining a large amount of weight
  • Persistent coughing
  • Struggling with bowel movements or urination
  • Strain caused from repetitive or heavy lifting

Most hernias occur near the groin, while others may occur below the groin, through the navel, and along a previous surgical incision or cut. People who have hernias can experience pain while lifting or during other strenuous movements. They might also feel nausea and constipation, dull aching or burning sensations near the site, a feeling of fullness, and a bulge near the groin or in the abdomen.

How It Works

Once you have been diagnosed with a hernia, an Ogden Clinic surgeon may recommend a laparoscopic hernia repair. This procedure is minimally invasive and will be performed through several tiny incisions versus one large abdominal one. During the procedure the doctor will insert a surgical tool affixed with a tiny camera, which is known as a laparoscope. The abdomen is then filled with gas to inflate the walls of the abdomen and make the organs more visible. Your surgeon will then place mesh on the areas affected by the hernia to strengthen the abdominal wall and surrounding tissue. The incisions are then closed with stitches or surgical tape. Many patients feel better within a few days, but some may need a week or two to recover.

Most people prefer a laparoscopic hernia repair over an open surgery because it allows for a shorter recover time, there is less risk for complications or infections, there is reduced blood loss during surgery, and less pain following surgery.

Do you have a painful hernia that is interfering with your ability to work or manage your daily routine? Contact Ogden Clinic General Surgery in Utah to learn more about our laparoscopic hernia repairs today.

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