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8 Things We Can't Hold In About Bladder Botox - Standard Examiner - 01/26/2016

Many have heard of Botox, but very few know the benefits Botox can have on the bladder.

10 Essential Facts About Obesity and Medical Weight Loss - Standard Examiner - 1/16/2016

The beginning of the New Year means people make resolutions to better their life, one of the most common being a resolution to lose weight. Here are 10 must-know facts about obesity and medical weight loss that can turn a weight loss resolution into a reality.

Wellness profile: Dr. Brad Stevenson - Davis Clipper - Davis Wellness -1/7/2016

Everyone experiences health challenges at times—an ache or pain that we think might eventually go away, a difference in our digestive tract, or something else that doesn’t “seem normal.”