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Creative Ways to Use Cottage Cheese

Creative Ways to Use Cottage Cheese

Whether you've loved it for years or just bought your first tub thanks to TikTok, cottage cheese is a high-protein food that makes for delicious meals and snacks. It's a versatile ingredient that can add moisture to baked goods or richness to savory meals without adding high amounts of fat. If you have an aversion to cottage cheese because of its texture, consider trying a few of these recipes that mask the texture and keep all the nutrients (like B vitamins, calcium, and protein!)

Cottage cheese pancakes

Cottage Cheese Pancakes from Eating Bird Food

With 24 grams of protein, cottage cheese pancakes are a complete and filling breakfast. Brittany from Eating Bird Food calls for small curd, full-fat cottage cheese to keep them soft, fluffy and moist. Since the wet ingredients go into a blender, you can rest assured knowing your batter will be nice and smooth.

Beef Stroganoff Casserole with Cottage Cheese

Beef Stroganoff Casserole from Yummly

This recipe from Yummly has over 60 positive reviews because it's easy to make in just 45 minutes. It's a versatile bake too: you can add mushrooms for an extra dose of veggies. The cottage cheese lends creaminess to this Beef Stroganoff casserole, similar to ricotta cheese.

starbucks egg bites with cottage cheese

Copycat Starbucks Egg Bites from Fed and Fit

From the creative cooks at Fed and Fit, "These bites taste just like the ones you’d get at Starbucks, but they’re way more cost effective, you get to pick the exact brand of ingredients you use, and, honestly, prepping them is almost easier than running through the drive-thru!"

Cottage cheese goes into the blender with eggs and a couple other ingredients to create the base. You can choose your favorite toppings for these bites such as the classic bacon & gruyere or red pepper & spinach.

cottage cheese alfredo

Cottage Cheese Alfredo from 40 Aprons

It's rich, it's creamy, and it's even lighter in calories than a traditional Alfredo pasta. The secret to boosting the taste of this cottage cheese alfredo sauce is pairing it with some sharp parmesan cheese, cornstarch to thicken, garlic, basil, and oregano to perfectly season it. One review states, "This was amazing. I paired it with cheese ravioli and ground turkey and all of my four kids had seconds!"

sour cream dip with cottage cheese

High Protein Sour Cream and Onion Dip from Ambitious Kitchen

Traditional sour cream and onion dip is often made with sour cream, mayo, mustard, sugar, and other heavy ingredients. This recipe from Ambitious Kitchen lightens up the dip with protein-packed cottage cheese while maintaining all the herbs and spices to make it taste like the real deal.