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The ability to hear is one of the most prominent ways humans interact with the world. Although it may feel daunting to seek help for a hearing problem, at Ogden Clinic, our audiologists want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of life’s precious moments. Our audiologists work closely with otolaryngologists (ENTs) at Ogden Clinic to conduct comprehensive hearing evaluations and diagnose a number of other ear-related conditions, as well.

Beyond hearing loss, balance and vertigo disorders originate in the ear, so our Audiologists see patients for these issues and more.

Audiology Services in Northern Utah

Ogden Clinic’s full range of audiology services includes:

  • Diagnostic hearing tests for all ages
  • Hearing aid evaluations, fittings, and adjustments
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing) evaluation and tinnitus retraining therapy
  • Vestibular evaluation
  • Vertigo and balance disorder treatment
  • Cochlear implant evaluations
  • Pediatric ear infections
  • Adult ear infections
  • Earwax (cerumen) removal

Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting

There are so many different hearing aids on the market that it can make choosing one can feel overwhelming. We encourage our patients to consult their audiologist when it’s time to choose a hearing aid. Our experts take time to help each patient consider factors such as hearing aid style, size, technology, lifestyle, and budget, including insurance coverage. We carry a full selection of hearing aids and assistive devices including new and cosmetically appealing styles and digital models with advanced features to meet your specific hearing need.

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