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Laborist Program at McKay-Dee Hospital

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About This Location

Our McKay Dee Hospital Laborist Program gives expectant mothers peace-of-mind 24/7 during pregnancy.

It's crucial that expectant families know they have a lifeline in case of early delivery or medical emergencies. You are in excellent hands at Ogden Clinic. That’s because we have a laborist program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located at Ogden McKay Dee Hospital, Ogden Clinic’s board-certified laborists specialize in inpatient OB/GYN care, admitting patients, performing triage, emergency care services, and delivering newborns.

No matter the time of day, expectant mothers and their families have access to pregnancy care and labor-related services. Patients have the option to be evaluated by OB/GYNs experienced in emergency care and can have immediate access to obstetric surgical care if life-saving procedures for the mother and baby are necessary.

We understand that a few minutes can be life-saving, that’s why we are proud to offer laborist services to all pregnant Ogden Clinic patients.

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