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New Patient Story

  • Author: Scott Lewis
  • Date Submitted: Mar 15, 2023
I went to see hagemeyer when I was extremely ill (49 symptoms) , he did some x-rays and after 6 months of suffering I correctly diagnosed myself with late stage neurological lyme disease, this angered him so he knocked me off my work disability while I was still severely disabled. then I received a letter banning me from your clinic. so he basically made me homeless. then I called and talked to TJay and he told me on the phone (that I recorded) that ogden clinic doesn't care about my disease, is that the way a healthcare provider should respond? I guess we can never have enough homeless vets. Is there anybody at OC that actually cares about sick people? you should post this to show your true colors to the public. also, can you show the list of diseases you all don't care about? the public needs to know. can I get the biggest bosses phone number there?