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New Patient Story

  • Author: Taunya Brandon
  • Date Submitted: Nov 19, 2023
I am an USAF veteran and a retired military dependent covered by TriCare. Over the past 10 years we have lived here, it has gotten increasingly difficult to get care on base. When they offered us the chance to use an off-base clinic as our PCM, I jumped at the chance. I've been really happy with my care with Ogden Clinic, but TriCare has recently stopped covering our prescription at the clinic pharmacy, wanting us to use a mail fulfillment service instead. I believe we can still get them filled on base for free, but it is out of my way, and I have re-authorize my husband to pick up my prescription, who works on base, yearly, another incontinence. Now, the last time I had a check up at Igden Clinic, they recommended, because of my age, to get a shingles shot. For reasons unknown to me, it was issued as a prescription, so I could not get the shot at the clinic. It's not like I can pick up the shot and take it home to administer it, so why is it a prescription? I went to my only choice for off name fulfillment, Walgreens, and was shocked that this new building put in about 5 years ago, does not have a built in immunization place. Just a rolling privacy screen in a cramped corner. Is there anything Ogden Clinic people can do to stop issuing immunization shots as a prescription, so people like myself can get our shots from a place I trust? I have put off getting a COVID booster because it's such a hassle.