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COVID-19 Appointments at Ogden Clinic: Dos and Don’Ts

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COVID-19 Appointments at Ogden Clinic: Dos and Don’Ts

Along with other healthcare groups in Utah and throughout the nation, Ogden Clinic has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak as it evolves. Each passing day brings new developments, but our top priority remains the health and well-being of our patients and the communities we serve.

These are the current protocols Ogden Clinic has put in place for COVID-19 inquiries, visits, and testing.

Do you feel sick? Action is only required if you DO

COVID-19 can spread quickly via droplets in the air. Throughout the country, testing for this coronavirus is very limited and reserved for sick patients who meet the criteria to be tested. We strongly urge patients who are not experiencing flu-like symptoms to avoid calling or visiting a clinic to seek COVID-19 testing. Please help us free up our phone lines and resources for those in need.

Review the symptoms of COVID-19 here

Patients with symptoms: DO Stay home and call ahead!

If you or a family member is sick, please stay home and give our patient services center a call first. Both of these steps are critically important to prevent the spread of illness.

DO call 801-475-3000 to talk to an expert about your symptoms, address concerns over the phone, and determine if a visit, or further testing, is necessary.

Respectfully, DO NOT visit a clinic with flu-like symptoms without calling beforehand. This ensures that everyone who needs a check-up has the time allotted to get the proper care.

Patient visits: Please follow parking lot guidelines

DO NOT bypass our greeters and outdoor structures if you are visiting with flu-like symptoms. It is critical that we limit the spread of germs inside our clinics to keep everyone safe.

Our urgent care locations now have greeters and screening tents outside each location. These medical-grade tents are reserved for patients with flu-like symptoms. They are private, disinfected between visits, and well-circulated.

DO NOT seek COVID-19 testing without following these protocols

To reiterate, nationwide COVID-19 testing is still very limited (although it looks promising that more tests will become available in the near future). In the meantime, we need to work together to prioritize screening patients who are most at-risk.

Please help us free up our phone lines and clinics for patients in need. As of now, you cannot receive COVID-19 testing at any healthcare facility in Northern Utah without following the screening protocols in place (scheduling a visit, exhibiting symptoms, etc).

As more tests become available, screening guidelines may change. We will keep you updated on changing practices within our clinics. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home, and help healthcare workers provide the best care possible.