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Lost Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card? Here’s What To Do In Utah

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Lost Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card? Here’s What To Do In Utah

Can’t find your keys? Rummaging through the couch to find your phone? From time to time, we all lose something. But what do you do if you lost your COVID-19 vaccination card? If you can’t locate it by retracing your steps or the washing machine has made it unrecognizable, there are several steps you can take. Here’s what to do if you live in Utah and lose your vaccine card.

If you’ve received your full course of COVID-19 doses…

In most cases, a full course of COVID-19 vaccines is two doses (or a single dose if you had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). If your course is complete, you will need a replacement card or another way to prove your vaccination status.

  • Contact your vaccination provider, who can access your vaccination record. They can quickly retrieve your vaccination details and give you a completed replacement card.
  • If you’re unable to do so, reach out to your local health department and request that they provide you with an official Utah Immunization Record. Every Utah local health department has this capability.

You can also download this app to store your vaccine card virtually:

Personal or family immunization records can be accessed digitally through the Docket mobile phone app. Through the Docket app, you can review past immunization reports, track upcoming shots, and share official immunization reports.

Download Docket App

How to request your child’s vaccine status:

If you prefer, you may request your or your child’s immunization record by sending in the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System (USIIS) Immunization Record Request form. To access this form and for a mailing address, visit the USIIS website here. Please note that the form must be completely filled out as well as notarized.

If you have one more dose remaining to become fully vaccinated and haven’t had any luck with the aforementioned steps, speak with another vaccination provider.

If you’ve lost your COVID-19 vaccination card, don’t fret—you aren’t the first to misplace your card, and you likely won’t be the last. One of the above steps should be sufficient for recovering a record of your vaccination course.