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Ogden Clinic – Laborist Program at Ogden Regional Medical Center

  • Category: Hospital, Laborist Program

About This Location

Expectant mothers are in excellent hands with Ogden Clinic. That’s because we’ve proudly implemented a laborist program available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located at Ogden Regional Medical Center, Ogden Clinic’s board-certified laborists specialize in inpatient OB/GYN care, admitting patients, performing triage, emergency care services, and delivering newborns to expectant mothers.

No matter the time of day, expectant mothers and their families have access to pregnancy care and labor-related services with Ogden Clinic. Patients have the option to be evaluated by OB/GYNs experienced in emergency care and can have immediate access to obstetric surgical care if life-saving procedures for the mother and baby are necessary.

Ogden Clinic’s laborist program provides peace of mind for women during such a critical time in their lives. We understand that a few minutes can be life-saving, that’s why we are proud to offer the only laborist program in the Ogden area, and we offer our laborist program in two Ogden locations: Ogden Regional Medical Center 1and McKay Dee Hospital.

The Ogden Clinic has been helping residents of Ogden since 1950. Over the years we have grown from a single location, to multiple locations with specialized services. Thanks to the continued support of the communities and patients we serve, we vow to continue providing high-quality health services that extend throughout Northern Utah. We strive to provide northern Utah’s best healthcare in a safe, friendly, and relaxed environment."