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Fear No Colonoscopy! 6 Tips to Take the Edge Off

Fear No Colonoscopy! 6 Tips to Take the Edge Off

The colonoscopy procedure is no fun. Worse still, preparing for a colonoscopy means being tied to the toilet with self-induced diarrhea. Millions of people delay or even skip their screening colonoscopy for these reasons. Don’t be one of them! A screening colonoscopy remains the gold standard for preventing colon cancer—the second-most deadly cancer in America.

For Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Josh Vandersteen at our Ridgeline location shares why this dreaded screening is so important, plus a few tips to help your experience run a little smoother.

Tip #1: Consider the Alternative

Early detection is critical for this type of cancer. If you’re over 50 and have shied away from your colonoscopy because you “feel fine,” you’re doing yourself a disservice. “One of the worst things about colon cancer is that there are no symptoms in the early stages,” says Dr. Vandersteen. “Once people start developing symptoms, it’s usually reached the later, dangerous stages.” A screening colonoscopy is used to detect abnormalities (polyps) in the colon and remove them before they can become cancerous.

Don’t press your luck; don’t wait for symptoms. A couple of unpleasant days certainly beats a colon cancer diagnosis.

A few days before your colonoscopy…

Tip #2: Get a Head Start

The less you have in your gut before flushing your colon, the easier the process will be. People report that eating smaller, lighter meals a few days before their colonoscopy helped ease the cleansing process.

The day before your colonoscopy (“Prep day”)…

Tip #3: Hack the Taste

The day before your colonoscopy, you’ll be placed on a clear liquid diet. You’ll also be instructed to drink your “prep”: a high-volume liquid mixture that induces colon cleansing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste great. Dr. Vandersteen has a few tips to make prep more palatable:

“I recommend chilling your prep mixture. Patients frequently report that it tastes better chilled. Another acceptable thing you can do is to add powdered flavoring, as long as it doesn’t contain red or blue coloring. Finally, you can chase it! Wash down gulps of prep with Sprite®, Gatorade®, or another clear beverage to help remove the taste from your mouth.”

Tip #4: Netflix® and Wipes

Don’t make any plans on prep day; instead, queue up that show you’ve been meaning to watch or stream a few movies. The goal of colonoscopy prep is to clean out six feet of your colon, so you’ll want to stay near the bathroom. Keep yourself comfortable in the bathroom with a stack of personal hygiene wipes. Some people also have A&D ointment on-hand for added comfort.

The day of your colonoscopy…

Tip #5: Rest Easy, the Hard Part’s Over

After your colon cleanses, the rest is a cakewalk. Dr. Vandersteen says, “Relax the day of your colonoscopy; the prep is the worst part for most people.” He also adds, “You’re sedated before the screening and most people don’t remember the procedure or experience pain afterward.” Make sure to arrange a ride home because you will not be permitted to drive.

Tip #6: Pass Gas and Prosper

You’re almost done! Dr. Vandersteen’s last requirement before his patients can leave: “You’ve got to fart before you can go. Fart shamelessly and don’t feel bashful. The colon needs to be inflated during a colonoscopy so I can see inside. Therefore, passing gas afterward helps to relieve any pressure or bloating you may feel.”


If you or a loved one is over age 50, contact Dr. Vandersteen’s office to discuss a screening colonoscopy. A preventative exam, screening colonoscopies are covered by nearly all insurance plans.