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Tests and Screenings

The Neuropsychology Clinic at Ogden Clinic has access to many tools that aid in properly diagnosing and treating our patients. Here's a non-exhaustive list of medical tests and screenings we may employ.

  • Academic Testing: Assesses cognitive abilities in reading, writing, and math to identify strengths and areas needing educational support.

  • Developmental Screenings: Evaluates a child's early motor, language, and social-emotional development to address potential concerns at an early stage.

  • Neuromapping: Creates visualizations of brain activity using techniques like EEG or functional MRI to understand functional brain regions.

  • Visual Tracking: Evaluates the ability to follow moving objects with the eyes, which is crucial for daily activities and learning.

  • Vestibular Stability: Assesses the vestibular system to identify balance and spatial orientation issues.

  • Physiological Evaluation: Conducts a comprehensive examination of physiological functions, including cardiovascular and respiratory health.

  • Cardio-Metabolic Analysis: Determines the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system.

  • Body Composition Analysis: Assesses an individual's weight by analyzing its fundamental elements, which include fat, protein, minerals, and body water.

  • 3D Body Imaging: Creates detailed three-dimensional representations of the body for precise assessments of body composition and structure.

  • BrainScope: Utilizes technology for immediate evaluation of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and concussions, guiding appropriate care.

  • ImPACT Assessments: Employs specific tools to evaluate and monitor cognitive changes post-concussion, aiding in management and recovery tracking.

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