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Hormone Testing & Hormone Therapy

Our bodies are in a constant “battle” for hormone control. Between the adrenal glands pumping out cortisol and the thyroid gland steering our metabolism, it’s no surprise that these substances impact our energy and our ability to lose weight. Our medical weight loss providers have a complete understanding of the correlation between hormones and weight gain, and we use our resources to help each patient overcome obstacles on their journey toward optimal weight and health.

Which hormones affect weight?

A few of the most common hormones preventing weight loss include cortisol, insulin, thyroidism, estrogen, and testosterone. Even if a patient strictly follows their diet and exercise regimen, these troublemakers may keep caloric levels unstable and therefore impact weight loss.

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy treatment in which a trained medical professional assesses hormone imbalances in their patient through blood tests and other means. Upon understanding the patients imbalance(s), they will prescribe and administer hormones either by injection, on the skin, or under the tongue. Men and women around the world rely on hormone therapy to treat a variety of symptoms including weight gain.

It’s important to work with a medical professional with any type of hormone therapy, since it requires careful monitoring. Your Utah medical weight loss provider will also work with you to achieve lifestyle changes that also assist with hormone redistribution. Things like quality sleep, eating enough protein and healthy fat, and managing stress are also proven to rebalance hormones.

Take the first step toward more energy and better results. Schedule your first hormone treatment consultation today!

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