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Medical Weight Loss

Our Approach to Weight Management

Losing weight is most effective when it is done in a natural, healthy, and sustainable way. Although medication and supplements may assist your efforts, there are no wonder drugs available that will work without lifestyle and diet changes. We understand that weight management can seem daunting at times, and often challenging. But when you choose Ogden Clinic’s weight loss and diet plan, you’re not on your own.

As part of your medical weight loss plan with Ogden Clinic, expect to receive:

  • A Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Review
  • Personalized Dietary Advice
  • Fitness Tips
  • Nutritional Education
  • Body Composition Test
  • Lab Work
  • Sleep Apnea Evaluation
  • Medication Evaluation

Ogden Clinic’s Weight Management Program was designed to help real people get real results. This program is a collaborative effort between our patients and specialist, Dr. Rigby. Our patients must remain committed to their weight loss diet and exercise management program regime, while our specialist offers guidance and support every step of the way. When the components work together, many Ogden Clinic patients find that they have improved energy, appetite control, and reduced cravings in just a couple of weeks.

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