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Medical Weight Loss

Tools, Supplements and Diet Plans

You’ve got your game plan and your game face; now let’s gear you up with the right tools for your success. Dr. Rigby at Ogden Clinic will work with you to determine the best diet plans, weight loss supplements and other resources for your goals.


When it comes to medication, your Ogden Clinic Weight Management Specialist will first evaluate your existing prescriptions, paying close attention to ‘weight positive’ medication. Some patients benefit from adjusting their weight-positive prescriptions that may inhibit weight loss efforts. If Dr. Rigby adjusts your prescriptions, he will carefully monitor your body’s response to these adjustments.

Dr. Rigby also uses all FDA-approved medications for weight loss and may talk to you about starting a medication-assisted regimen. Some weight loss pills are designed to suppress appetite while others block the absorption of fat in the body. Weight loss pills in combination with a proper diet and exercise plan help our patients change their eating habits with ease.

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