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Medical Weight Loss

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Obesity is the most common chronic disease in our society today and becoming the most prevalent in the world. Doctors in every specialty deal with the complications of obesity, yet very few are trained to manage the weight itself. That’s why we are proud to offer our medical weight loss program at Ogden Clinic.

Dr. Rohn Rigby at Ogden Clinic is board-certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine to help individuals with stubborn weight problems manage their condition. Dr. Rigby himself lost over 70 pounds and understands the obstacles that many people face trying to manage their weight.

We understand that weight loss is much more intricate than just calories in vs. calories out. The medical weight loss program at Ogden Clinic equips our patients with the right medical tools, behavioral tools, and supportive relationships—and that’s the key to effective weight management.

Every person is different and requires a unique approach. Our specialist gives every patient a thorough medical evaluation; delving into areas such as hormones, metabolic analysis, quality of sleep, and more. Dr. Rigby also takes the time to understand your own unique goals in your consultation. After the consultation, we create an individual treatment approach for each of our patients and provide guidance every step of the way.


What is medical weight loss?

First, let’s distinguish what it is not. Medical-assisted weight loss isn’t a fad diet, a surgery, or a magic supplement. It is sustainable weight management based in scientific evidence that targets the root cause of weight gain. The Ogden Clinic medical weight loss program focuses on dietary changes and the importance of physical activity. Sometimes medical weight loss is assisted with diet plans, hormone adjustments, appetite suppressants, and other measures. Dr. Rigby will prescribe and monitor your unique plan.

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