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Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Leg Vein Services

Varicose Vein Treatments

Cool Touch CTEV™ Endovenous Laser Procedure

With the CoolTouch CTEV laser treatment, you can easily be free from the symptoms of varicose veins, including achy, itchy legs, or legs that burn or feel heavy or restless, almost immediately with a simple, virtually pain-free office-based procedure.

3EVLT (EndoVenous Laser Treatment)

This technique involves simply placing a laser catheter inside the vein and using laser energy to seal the faulty vein shut. An EndoVenous laser treatment is a quick, minimally invasive laser procedure that is performed in the doctor's office for treatment of varicose veins. The procedure takes about an hour and there is no scarring, minimal postoperative pain and normal activities can be resumed shortly after treatment.

ECA (EndoVenous Chemical Ablations)

This highly specialized technique involves first doing an ultrasound map of the entire diseased venous network so that sources hidden in the skin are located. Then, under direct ultrasound visualization, a foamed sclerosant is injected into the diseased veins. This causes the diseased veins to close down immediately, and over time, the veins narrow to a fibrous thread which is invisible since it is beneath the skin.


This is a procedure that is performed after EndoVenous laser ablation and the varicose vein persists. The vein is anesthetized locally and a small needle puncture over the vein is made. At this time, a "knitting hook" type instrument grasps the vein through the needle puncture and the bulging portion of the vein is pulled through the puncture. Patients only feel pressure, no scalpel is used and no stitches are needed. This procedure doesn't produce any scarring, and a bandage and compression stocking are worn for one week after treatment.

Spider Vein Treatments


Sclerotherapy is a technique that involves the injection of a concentrated solution directly into the vein. Most individuals require a couple of sessions to treat all the spider veins. Sclerotherapy may include swelling, bruising, and redness but is relatively inexpensive and has little downtime.

Precision Laser Treatment

This laser leg treatment works by selectively heating vein walls until they collapse and seal shut. This includes the physician placing a chilled laser hand piece against the area to be treated. Laser pulses then will be delivered evenly along the length of the vein. Laser treatments are typically described as a warm sting, but laser pulses delivered into larger or deeper veins may be more uncomfortable. Treatments can take between five to thirty minutes depending on the size of area to be treated. Most individuals require two to three treatments, with three to six week intervals. Following treatment, a red mark may appear in the treatment area and persist for a few days. A compression bandage or stocking may be required. Limited exercise and sun exposure will be required for at least a week after treatment.

Before & After Vein View

Veins before and After

All procedures are outpatient procedures, which are performed in the doctor's office with local anesthetics and minimal recovery time. Each individual will need a consultation appointment to determine which treatment will be best for them.

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