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Orthopedic Surgery

Ogden Clinic's Orthopedic team performs surgery in our local hospitals and surgical centers, including McKay Dee Hospital, Mount Ogden Surgical Center, and Brigham City Community Hospital. Combining the best in orthopedic medicine and surgical care, along with strong rehabilitation and diagnostic imaging programs, we offer world-class care for musculoskeletal disorders, all with a smile. Place your trust in our hands, we've had over 90 years of experience!

Surgery Forms

ACL Reconstruction

Hip Replacement

Rotator Cuff

Total Knee Replacement

Physical Therapy

Recovery is key: you need to regain strength and range of motion following orthopedic surgery. We won't leave you hanging: we’ll refer you to one of our in-network physical therapists for postoperative care and prehabilitation if it's indicated.

Physical Therapy Clinics

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