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Pediatric Illnesses and Injuries

It’s a fact: Kids will endure a fair share of bumps, bruises and bugs. Sometimes all it takes is a kiss to make it better, but other times, you’ll be happy to have Ogden Clinic Pediatric doctors nearby. When your child suffers a bug, boo-boo, or another non-emergency condition, call Ogden Clinic Pediatrics right away for an appointment.

Common Bugs

Toddlers are very prone to catching bugs, especially in the winter months. Their young immune system is still developing and learning how to fight off diseases. Ogden Clinic Pediatrics is the best resource for treating social illnesses such as the common cold, stomach bugs, ear infections, and everything in between. When you bring in your sick child, please come prepared with a list of your child’s medications, doses, and approximate times you have administered their medication(s).

Keep in mind that many childhood illnesses are viral and will stay with your child for several days to a couple weeks. While your sick child is fighting off the bug, they may lose their appetite or feel grumpy and tired. But with a little downtime and the help of an Ogden Clinic Pediatric Doctor, we’ll get your little one back up to speed as quickly as possible.

Bumps and Bruises

Twists and sprains, bumps and bonks; we’ve seen it all at Ogden Clinic. As soon as a toddler starts walking, it’s full-speed ahead. They can crawl, jump, climb, and squeeze into small spaces, and sometimes they can get hurt. Whenever a child sustains an injury, it’s crucial to address the damage immediately. Keep ice packs, band aids, and first aid handy—and be sure to have Ogden Clinic Pediatrics contact info on-hand just in case!

Common childhood injuries we treat include:

Toddler Fractures: These are very small breaks in the bone that are common in children. Since their bones are still hardening, toddler fractures can occur without much trauma. An Ogden Clinic Pediatric Doctor will address the fracture with an X-ray evaluation and determine the best route to recovery. Immobilization with a cast or sling is common.

Sprains and Twists: These injuries occur most often in the extremities such as the ankle, wrist, or elbow. If your child is not crying and can bear weight on their injury, our pediatricians recommend careful dosing or Tylenol or Motrin to alleviate pain. See our dosing chart here. If your child is in severe pain or experiences pain for more than a few days, call Ogden Clinic Pediatrics or visit Urgent Care.

Infants & Children Ibuprofen / Acetaminophen Dosing
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