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Accident Rehabilitation

Our physicians will refer patients to a physical therapist after they’ve suffered an accident. You may have endured a work injury or an automobile accident that caused trauma to your musculoskeletal system. Ogden Clinic physical therapists share your goal of a safe and healthy recovery through hands-on rehabilitation.

Auto injury rehabilitation

Often, people involved in a car accident will have little or no symptoms initially, but will start to notice pain and decreased mobility in the days or weeks to come. Car accident injuries such as whiplash can manifest themselves gradually, so people do not think about seeking help. This is a mistake that can extend recovery time. It’s important to seek appropriate treatment following a car accident since those who wait often have a harder time getting better.

If you’ve been in a car accident and have experienced pain in your back, neck, spine, shoulder, knee, or an extremity, make an appointment with an Ogden Clinic physical therapist promptly. Our therapists create customized treatment approaches for each patient that may combine hands-on therapy, strengthening exercises, stretching, therapeutic equipment, and more.

Work injury rehabilitation

Men and women who’ve been hurt on the job can count on Ogden Clinic physical therapy to help them return safely to work. Our skilled physical therapists take a similar approach to sports injuries when treating work injuries. This means they first determine the source of the injury, and then design a program to help each patient return to work in a timely manner while preventing injury reoccurrence.

Repetitive motions can cause a work injury; motions such as walking, pulling, lifting, gripping, or even sitting for prolonged periods of time. Our trained therapists will perform a comprehensive assessment of your current ability to perform the demands of your job. This assessment, called a Functional Capacity Evaluation, gives your physical therapist guidance on how to improve your performance.

After your Functional Capacity Evaluation, a therapist may recommend a work conditioning program to help you regain strength, endurance, range of motion, core stability, and cardiovascular conditioning according to the demands of your job.

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