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A bunion is the enlargement of the big toe joint which causes the big toe to move out of place. Bunions tend to develop when the pressure of bearing weight falls unevenly on the joints. The pressure eventually molds the joints into a hard knob that juts beyond the normal shape of the foot.

Bunions can develop because of an inherited structural foot defect or from arthritic conditions. Improper footwear is another common culprit. Patients with bunions at Ogden Clinic often wear shoes that are too tight, too narrow, or have a very high heel that crowds the toes.

It is important to see an Ogden Clinic Podiatrist when you begin to notice deformity or a potential bunion. Early bunion treatment from Ogden Clinic could stop or slow growth without the need for surgery.

Surgical Bunion Removal

If an Ogden Clinic patient has a bunion that requires removal surgery, this procedure usually includes removing the bump, realigning the dislocated joint, and holding the correct position with a screw. Your Ogden Clinic podiatrist can perform this outpatient bunion treatment procedure, which takes about an hour. Follow-up visits are necessary after surgery to ensure that the foot is healing properly.

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