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How Women Can Reduce Foot Conditions

Women all around the country like to reward their feet by cramming them into a new pair of pointy, flimsy, ‘stylish’ shoes. Not a great idea for everyday wear, according to podiatrists. According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, nearly 90% of women wear shoes that are too small or awkwardly sized for their feet. Foot and ankle problems that can be attributed to improper footwear occur nine times more in women than they do in men, which means they end up in an Ogden Clinic podiatrist’s office for treatment.

Narrow toe boxes, high heels, and inflexible material are all culprits for podiatric conditions and foot pain for patients in Ogden and across the U.S. When women wear shoes that don’t fit properly, they are also at a higher risk of developing arch pain, arthritis, blisters and bunions.

For women at Ogden Clinic to relieve foot pain, they must prioritize comfort. Our Ogden Clinic podiatrists recommend avoiding shoes that do not fit properly. Even women who love their pumps should carefully choose a pair with a supportive fit. Lower heels and wedges are a much safer option than stilettos because they stabilize the foot and reduce strain. Ogden Clinic foot and ankle specialists also recommend minimizing the amount of time you wear tall or unstable shoes and taking breaks in between prolonged wear to prevent foot pain in Ogden and a visit to our clinic.

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