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Ankle Sprains

Ligaments are flexible, resilient bands of tissue that attach the bones and enable a range of motion. However, a sudden slip or twist may cause this tissue to over-stretch or even snap. When this occurs in the ankle, it’s called an ankle sprain and the affected area should receive treatment from Ogden Clinic right away. Sprained ankles generally happen when the foot strikes the ground at an angle with too much force. Athletes and women who wear high-heels are prone to sprained ankles.

Sprains are classified in three ‘grades’ that range from a mild stretch to a potential rupture. If you sprained your ankle in the Ogden area, you will experience swelling and soreness, often accompanied with painful bruising.

Treatment and Recovery

Immediately after a sprain, rest, elevation, and anti-inflammatory treatment (ice and over-the-counter medication) are crucial. Your Ogden Clinic Podiatrist will evaluate the severity of your sprained ankle to determine what type of care is required. Treatment for an ankle sprain aims to regain your stability, motion and strength.

Severe strains that damage the ligaments may require surgery. If this is the case, your Ogden Clinic Podiatrist will perform a careful operation, then follow-up with you with rehabilitation techniques you need to make a full recovery.

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