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Diabetic Foot Conditions

If you suffer from diabetes in the Ogden area, you are a much greater risk of developing foot related problems. Too much glucose in the diet can cause poor circulation and nerve damage in the feet, causing a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Your Ogden podiatrist can detect if damaged foot nerves have stopped sending signals to the body or may be sending signals too slowly.

If you do not feel pain, heat, cold, or irritation, this could mean peripheral neuropathy that poses serious risks to your feet. If your Ogden Clinic podiatrist detects nerve damage from peripheral neuropathy, they’ll recommend foot care to prevent pain and foot deformities, or changes in the muscles, bones, and shape of your feet.

Visit Your Ogden Clinic Podiatrist Often for Diabetic Foot Care and Exams

Strong evidence suggests that consistent diabetic foot care and preventative services can reduce severe measures including amputations. Your Ogden Clinic foot and ankle specialist is well-equipped to manage diabetic foot care, treat conditions and prevent painful, debilitating problems.

During a diabetic foot care exam, your podiatrist will ask you a few questions about your diabetes control, then carry out some tests on your feet including pulse and pressure testing and an inspection of damage (blisters, calluses, nail problems etc.) After the evaluation for conditions like peripheral neuropathy, your Ogden Clinic foot and ankle specialist may prescribe medication or encourage a healthy diet and exercise.

Together, you and your Ogden Clinic podiatrist can keep your feet healthy and pain-free. Don’t hesitate to contact your podiatrist if you notice signs of peripheral neuropathy like unusual sensations or injuries, especially if they look infected.

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