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A wart is a viral skin growth that can occur anywhere on the body, but when it happens on the sole or plantar surface of the foot, it’s called a plantar wart. Warts are caused by a virus that usually enters through broken skin such a crack, blister, or a minor injury. Patients at Ogden Clinic frequently pick up plantar warts after walking through warm, moist areas such as a public pool or shower.

Fortunately, your Ogden Clinic podiatrist offers an array of different treatment and removal options for plantar warts. Self-treatment is not usually advisable, since warts can often be misdiagnosed. Professional treatment at Ogden Clinic aims to either remove the plantar wart or destruct it. After a close evaluation, your podiatrist commonly uses cryotherapy, or localized freezing, as a common treatment for plantar warts on children and adults. Your Ogden Clinic podiatrist may also suggest acid therapy, laser destruction or surgical removal in some cases.

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