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Colposcopy and LEEP

What is colposcopy and who needs it?

If your pap smear comes back abnormal, you may be asked to return to Ogden Clinic for a colposcopy. This is an in-office procedure wherein your physician inserts a special microscope into the cervix through the vagina. Biopsies are taken for a lab evaluation if significant lesions are seen. Since the cervix doesn’t have any nerve endings, most women do not feel the colposcopy procedure being done. If discomfort occurs (such as cramping similar to menstrual cramps) it is recommended that you take ibuprofen. Patients may also choose to take ibuprofen just prior to the procedure to prevent cramping.

Results generally take 7-10 days to process unless the results require further procedures. Patients are usually seen back in the office for another pap smear in six months.

What is LEEP?

The Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) is a way to remove abnormal tissue from the cervix, often performed after a colonoscopy has confirmed an abnormal pap smear.

During the procedure, a thin wire loop (charged with an electrical current) is used to cut away an area of the cervix. The portion is removed and sent to a lab for evaluation. Patients will experience some discharge and bleeding for a few weeks following the procedure while the cervix heals. Ibuprofen is recommended prior to the procedure and may be continued for pain and discomfort afterwards. Results may take up to two weeks to receive. Depending on the results, patients are usually seen in the office six months after the procedure.

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