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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

A prolapsed bladder or uterus can cause many problems for patients. When pelvic organ prolapse occurs, the pelvic organ slips out of place due to weak supportive structures inside the body. This may result in protrusion of tissue from the vagina—a scary feeling for many women who describe prolapse as a bulge or a ‘falling out’ of the vagina.

Fortunately, treatment is possible and, if surgery is required, minimally-invasive options make this procedure more effective than ever before. Ogden Clinic’s gynecologic surgeons can perform surgery either laparoscopically or with a robot called the da Vinci® Robotic System.

Do all cases of prolapse require surgery?

If you experience pain and discomfort within your pelvis, your Ogden Clinic OB/GYN may first prescribe non-surgical treatment such as physical therapy. If the body does not respond to non-invasive treatment, surgery is needed to repair the prolapse. Fortunately, surgery for pelvic organ prolapse is less invasive and easier on the body than ever before.

Treatment options for prolapse may include the placement of a pessary (an in-office procedure) or another surgical treatment. Place your trust in Ogden Clinic’s board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons who have invested in minimally-invasive and robotic technologies to give women the best possible outcomes.

Click to learn more about da Vinci® Robotic Surgery for prolapse here.

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