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Contraception and Family Planning

Helping families work toward healthy growth is a top priority at Ogden Clinic. Some couples are ready to grow their family while others do not see children in their future. Whatever stage of life you’re in, our experienced gynecologist can help with healthy family planning. Choosing the family planning option that’s best for you involves careful consideration and discussion with a trusted healthcare provider. Your OB/GYN can discuss the pros and cons of the many different methods including:

  • Natural Family Planning: A natural form of birth control that does not require the use of daily pills, intrauterine devices, or permanent contraception
  • Birth control pills, patches, and shots
  • Long-term reversible contraception

The most reliable methods of contraception are typically received under a healthcare professional’s care, so trust Ogden Clinic’s team of experts to assist in your decision and answer all of your important questions.

Family Planning That Comes Full-Circle

When it’s time to raise a family, trust the experts at Ogden Clinic’s Women’s Center with everything from conception to prenatal care. Explore our infertility solutions and our obstetrics services for expectant parents.

Bryan Palmer, MD, Discusses Birth Control Options and Family Planning

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