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Women of any age and race can suffer from endometriosis – a common yet poorly understood disease wherein the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus spreads beyond the uterus (usually in the pelvis, bowel, or bladder). The cause of endometriosis is unknown but some believe that blood and endometrial tissue may flow back toward the fallopian tubes when a woman is menstruating. The displaced tissue begins to grow in areas where it shouldn’t.

In some women, endometriosis can become very aggressive. Women may experience extremely painful cramps during menstruation, pain while urinating, or consistent pain in her lower back, pelvis, or intestines. Endometrioses can also interfere with getting pregnant.

If you think you may have endometriosis, place your trust in an Ogden Clinic endometriosis expert. While not all women need surgery for endometriosis, several of our gynecologists are fellowship-trained in minimally invasive surgery for women who live with infiltrating endometriosis. Ogden Clinic’s endometriosis specialists will take the time to understand the severity of your condition with an endometrial biopsy, then work with you on a plan to treat it.

Endometrial Biopsies

An endometrial biopsy is performed to obtain a tissue sample from the lining of the uterus (endometrium). The tissue is examined to determine the presence of abnormal cells. You may want to consider an endometrial biopsy if you have abnormal or prolonged menstrual bleeding, are taking estrogen hormones, or if you know that you are at high-risk for endometrial cancer.

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