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Women's Health

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Many women and men are surprised to learn that the days of the fertile window are different from what they may have learned in the past. These methods are ways you can avoid or seek pregnancy without the use of drugs, chemicals or devices. Natural family planning methods teach you to identify the days of your monthly cycle when you are likely to get pregnant if you have sex (the fertile window of the cycle), and the days of your cycle when you are very unlikely to get pregnant if you have sex.

You and your partner may want to use natural family planning for religious reasons. Or, you may choose this method because it’s natural and does not carry the possible side-effects of birth control pills, shots, IUDs or other family planning methods. You and your partner may find natural family planning fits your lifestyle better than other methods. This method is also very low in cost and helps you and your partner learn more about your body and monthly cycle. Schedule a visit with an Ogden Clinic OB/GYN to discuss natural family planning.

Dr. Seale at our Women’s Center at McKay Dee Hospital has been monitoring natural family planning in his patients for over eight years. Check out the video below to learn more about natural family planning from Dr. Seale.

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