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Procedure - Breast Reconstruction

A mastectomy is a surgical procedure where a woman’s breast tissue is removed in order to prevent or treat breast cancer. Following a mastectomy, many women opt for a breast reconstruction surgery, performed by an Ogden Clinic surgeon, to reform the breast mound in its place.

There are many different options for a breast reconstruction, but the most popular procedures we offer at Ogden Clinic are implant reconstruction and flap reconstruction.

Implant Reconstruction

An implant reconstruction involves inserting a silicone gel or saline filled implant under the pectoral chest muscle. This procedure doesn’t require skin tissue from elsewhere on the body, but it may require multiple surgeries now and in the future, to maintain the integrity of the implant. A breast implant is filled with either saline (salt water), silicone gel, or a combination of the two, usually an outside chamber filled with the silicone gel and an inner chamber filled with saline. The surgery and recovery time for an implant reconstruction is usually shorter than that of a flap reconstruction.

Autologous or Flap Reconstruction

Pedicle Flap Surgery - During this procedure, your Ogden Clinic surgeon will use a section of tissue near the pectorals, where they will only partially cut supply to the blood vessels, while leaving some skin intact. The tissue is then tunneled underneath the skin to the chest area, where it will create a pocket or mound for an implant.

Free Flap Surgery - With this procedure, your surgeon will completely disconnect tissue from somewhere on the body, which is then transferred to near your chest and new blood vessels. The free flap surgery tends to take longer and is more complicated than pedicle flap surgery, since all of the blood vessels must be reattached.

There are several kinds of tissue options for free flap surgery, depending on the appropriate area, including:

  • Abdomen (TRAM, DIEP, SIEA flap)
  • Inner Thigh (TUG)
  • Back (latissimus dorsi flap)
  • Buttocks (gluteal flap)

For more information on Ogden Clinic’s breast reconstruction procedures, please contact our office today. One of our surgeons would be happy to discuss different options with you.

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