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Procedure - Neuromas of the Foot (Morton's Neuroma)

Do you often feel like you are standing on a pebble? Neuromas of the foot, also known as Morton’s neuroma, frequently cause this sensation between the third and fourth toe. Morton’s neuroma is an inflammation in a nerve at the ball of the foot. If you are concerned about an uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of your foot that might be Morton’s neuroma, the specialists at Ogden Clinic in Utah are here to help.

Symptoms and Causes of Morton’s Neuroma

While Morton’s neuroma doesn’t cause a physical bump in the foot, it can feel like there is one, as well as other uncomfortable symptoms such as burning, tingling, and numbness. This condition results from irritation or injury to the nerves in the ball of the foot. The sources of this injury include wearing high heels, running, or existing foot deformities such as hammertoe.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Morton’s Neuroma

To diagnose Morton’s neuroma, a specialist at Ogden Clinic in Utah will perform a series of tests, such as a physical exam of the foot or X-rays. The doctor will also ask a series of questions to determine when the pain started, the type of footwear you typically wear, and the types of sports you play. The doctor may also ask if you are experiencing pain in any other part of your body.

After this initial conversation, the doctor will then prescribe treatment based on the severity of symptoms. To start, they may recommend conservative treatment options such as custom arch supports, ice massage, new footwear, reduction of high-impact activity, and over-the-counter pain medications to provide relief. If these options do not help, the doctor may then suggest other treatment options such steroid injections, decompression surgery, or nerve removal.

If you believe that the pain in your foot is Morton’s neuroma, contact our northern Utah offices at Ogden Clinic to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist.

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